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Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached


Hi, I'm 28 years male and have the conditions listed.

My two main concerns are my loose stools and erecticle dysfunction.

My loose stools have been an issue for a long time since I was a kid. I did not care much of it when I was a kid until a few years ago. Been going to a few acupunturists and none of them could really helped me out much. I tried to eat very healthy like eating fruits and vegetables alot, and cut off things that could irritate my stomach like spicy food and alcohol. Yet I still have issues with my diarrhea. Sometimes I see bits of unbroken food in my stool and occasionally, I get upset stomach immediately after a meal.

My second issue is my erecticle dysfunction. Had this issue for the last two - three years. Went to a few acupunturist and it improved a bit, but not to the strength when I was younger. Sometimes, I am unable to feel aroused and when I do feel aroused, I get premature ejaculation. I don't feel nervous at all performing sex and dont' think this is the issue for me. I feel my lower abdomen is tight when I perform sex and any pressure touching it causes ejaculation.

Other symptoms I experience:

  • Weak and tight knees
  • Weak and tight lower abdomen
  • Damp (Received cupping session and it was extremely dark red)
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling cold often and fear of cold
  • Sick often
  • lower back pain

Could someone recommend any over the counter chinese medicine I can purhcase from this site like You Gui Wan?


Your tongue show signs primarily of liver qi stagnation and sp qi deficiency (i.e. dampness) with some heat. Even though you have some symptoms of cold you would have to be very cautious using KD Yang tonics as they are far more likely to make you agitated and hot given what I can see from the tongue. More than likely I would come at it from a more moderate approach first and with the chance of possibly adding in some more warming herbs first. You could first try Xiao Yao Wan with Bao He Wan together a few times a day for a few weeks and see how things go, possibly adding liu wei di huang wan in the evenings before bed. Once the dampness clears you might get a clearer read from your tongue as to the deeper processes involved if any.


Thanks for looking into this, Chad! I visited a few TCM herbalists and acupuncture specialists before, and they claimed my kidney is the source of the issue (not questioning your diagnosis). I was never properly cured of my issues, and that is why I searched online to find ways to free my symptoms. WIth this being said, do you see any symptoms from my tongue and health issues that these practitioners could have thought my kidney was the source?



I think the key is that you have tried various things and nothing has worked which usually means the initial diagnosis is incorrect. Many of your symptoms are indicative of kidney qi/yang deficiency certainly, however, given your age and your tongue it doesn&#39t fit strongly. One thing I can tell you is that if you took You Gui Wan, for example, and felt worse, hot and/or agitated then what I&#39m recommending - as a more middle of the road approach - would be better. This way can be less trying on the body. If you took You Gui Wan and felt better and didn&#39t get over heated or anxious then given your symptoms alone you might be on the right track. Very occasionally people present one way and have deeper patterns going on which is why I like to take more middle of the road approaches initially when things are not entirely clear. This way people improve, albeit often slowly, but they also have no side effects or negative effects. Over time the deeper patterns, if any, become much clearer and when the stomach/liver, etc. is harmonized treatment overall becomes easier.


Hey Chad,

A few questions I would like to ask:

Is it fine to have all these 3 medicines you prescribed together? Would there be any reaction to it?

My hair is thinning out. Is it due to the issues I have with liver and spleen?



Dear Jiffy88,

Yours is a yin problem since childhood. Any force can be bifercated into two components - horizontal and vertical. The tongue shows horizontal circulation problem. If your B.P. is normal:

SP4 tone (RT) P6 sedate (Left) SI3 tone UB62 sedate both sides. - constitutional treatment.

horizontal He meridian sedate coldness K2 tone heat and humidity H8 and SP2 plus tone Spleen Qi i.e. SPspiral meridian tone heat & hot and humidity i.e. LU10 and LU7 and sedate coldness (K3 on fire side i.e. right side) also SP horizontal meridian tone humidity heat and sedate cold i.e. tone H7 and SP3 and sedate K3 water side (i.e. on left).

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