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Advanced fluid retention


Submitted By: pjmadak

My wife is 62 years old, has had surgery to remove large tumor from ovary two years ago - surgeon also removed lymph glands near pelvis, alas; very healthy otherwise with seemingly excellent recovery during last two years; then, in last eight months, swelling and fluid retention has steadily increased to hugh proportions i.e. about 40 extra pounds in retained fluid in abdomen and legs-appears similar to elephantaisis; having attempted almost every kind of therapy, diet restriction,nutritional intervention she is still greatly hindered in her daily activities without any improvement-fluid retained consistantly regardless-patient desperate for a solution; perhaps it lies in accupressure? Please advise


Needling the points: Ren9, 6, 4, St28, Sp3, (moxa St36), Kd3,7, Sp9, 6, Ub20,23, Sj4 etc.. this only for swelling, the patient still need go to hospital check internal organs&#39 function.

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