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Advanced Cataract


I live in Greece and I don’ t know much about Chinese medicine, but I think it is a different and efficient approach to medical problems. I would like to ask if there is a formula/herb that could clear the lenses of the eye in order for soneone who has high myopia and advance cataract to avoid surgery. According to the Western medicine, surgery is the only cure. I have heard that Ming Mu Di Huang Wan pills could offer great help. Is that true? Could they help? Could the cataract be reversed or dissolved? Are there any other suggestions?

Thank you


You are correct that in some cases (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more) that a formula such as Ming Mu Di Huang Wan might be useful. That formula is for vision (and other) issues arising from liver and kidney yin deficiency - there are technically other patterns that could lead to cataracts and treatment is based on the diagnostic pattern not the symptom/result.

That said, honestly, there is a time and a place for western interventions and for cataracts particularly the western options are so good, so efficient and generally problem free that it’s easier to do that. Even with surgery, however, there is still a role for Chinese Medicine in helping improve vision (or at least slow decline), etc. and dealing with some of the causative factors that lead to vision issues. For proper treatment, however, a consultation with someone in your area is best as they can more deeply familiarize themselves with your medical history and current physical status.


Thank you very much for your answer. Do you think that I should give the ming mu di huang pills a try? At least, I think they do not harm.


Again, you should get a diagnosis from a practitioner. If you are kidney yin deficient in Chinese Medicine terms, then yes, you could try the formula. If you are, however, spleen qi deficient or some other pattern the herbs could theoretically make you (not necessarily your eyes) worse (hampering digestion, making you feel tired, etc.).


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