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Adrenaline and insomnia - acupuncture?


I am experiencing issues that have come on suddenly (4 weeks ago) where when I am trying to fall asleep I suddenly experience what I can only describe as adrenaline surges that start from my stomach. I can be completely exhausted yet at the point of dropping off they happen.

I have tried everything from looking at what I eat/drink in general and limiting foods before bed to looking at my sleep hygiene and stopping screen time, reading a book an hour before bed etc.

I am so desperate now to get back to my normal easy sleeping patterns I am looking into hypnotherapy to see if this can help. I am also looking into energy now as wondering if you have ever heard of this before?

There are many potential factors (inner ear issues, stress hormone/adrenal issues, digestive issues, etc.) and through a combination of drilling you with seemingly unrelated questions and treating you an acupuncturist in your area would very likely sort this out. Given the current global circumstances, however, perhaps some basic meditation/mindfulness techniques would help.

What happens after the initial surge? In other words, how long are you awake for after that? and then do you sleep the rest of the night fine? And you were sleeping perfectly fine just a few weeks ago? While not likely, have you been tested for covid - acute and antibodies?

What made you think it is related to digestion? Just the perception of it coming from that area? or are there other issues within that system?

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