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Adrenal, bladder or kidney fatigue diagnosis?


Client, age 50, woke up with eye infection near tear duct, puffy and dark around eyes, nerve pain in lower back, menses for 20 days has now stopped, top back molar crown recently broke apart, occasional ringing in ears. Was waking up at 5 am everyday. Now up at 7. Itchy side near lung, liver, large intestine. Says she feels a bump in large intestine. Sometimes constipated. Weight gain of 10 pounds. Muscles loss. Low sex drive. Cloudy thinking sometimes. Sharp pain on right side chest, near lung point. Any suggestions?


Suggestions for what? Acupuncture? Herbal Medicine? all of it. What is your Chinese Medicine diagnosis and supporting signs (tongue, pulse, etc.)? There is clearly some kidney deficiency, possibly kd and spleen?

What is your background? Have you treated the patient already and not received the results you were expecting? or have you not seen them yet?


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