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Adhesive capsulitis

i am a practitioner in GA just trying to narrow down the tx for the condiditon and what points have been the most effective overall for patients with achesive capsulitis

In general you don’t want to try to map a diagnosis to a condition. Rather you want the base diagnosis of the individual patient to be chosen using all of the various diagnostic tools, then see how it relates to a specific issue and tailor appropriately. In other words, the symptom/issue is far less significant in the diagnostic process than finding the root imbalance.

Generally speaking, at least in women (and barring some type of obvious previous injury), frozen shoulder is most often related to underlying hormonal issues - commonly (but not exclusively by any stretch) related to kidney yin deficiency.

Are there certain points you would recommend using the most on my patients?

Not without a TCM diagnosis no. Again, generalizing acupuncture point selection to a issue instead of primarily towards the deeper root diagnosis will almost always lead to poor results.

That said, while you’ll have to tailor certainly, some mix of what is presented in our acupuncture for arthritis section (there are sections in the lower part for most of the body parts including shoulders) tailored with points relevant to their individual diagnosis would get you there.

So for yin deficiency, perhaps something from above for the shoulder combined with KD 6 and LU 7 as an example would be close.

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