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Adenomatous Hyperplasia of thyroid



My sister (age 31) is having goiter in neck (in st9) with hyperthyroid condition after the birth of her second son. Also, Symptoms include not tolerating heat, irritability, anger etc. I sedated LI18, KID 27 & PC6 points. After few days, she feels little pain in neck and ear. So I stopped sedating LI18. Please suggest excellent acupuncture points to cure Adenomatous hyperplasia condition. Is it possible to cure completely using acupuncture? We would be happy to receive your suggestions.


Are you a trained professional? If so, what is her tongue and pulse indicate and what is your overall diagnosis. If Kidney yin deficiency (very likely) you would want to add far more points for her systemically overall and not just those with deal with the goiter. If you can provide more information we can help more... If you are not well trained you should refer to someone else who can physically see her as this is not an easy condition to treat without experience.

In the short term, however, you can add some deep massage to the huatuo points at c6, c7 and t1.


in our practice liver 1, liver2, liver3 most helpful


Thank you all for your replies and suggestions... I will let you know overall diagnosis shortly...

I have found that there is no permanent cure for thyroid diseases and one can control symptoms with medicines... In acupuncture, is it possible to cure thyroid diseases?


I&#39ve usually found that all kinds of thyroid conditions involve a TCM Heart pattern of some kind; does she have insomnia? Has she developed a stutter?

Also, she should check her iodine intake; too little or too much can effect the thyroid.


I have a patient that I treat who has an MD diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. His symptoms presented as liver yang rising, with heat, yin deficiency, HT yin deficiency, as well as migraines, hypertension, constipation, insomnia and night sweats. I treat him twice a week. I use LI 11 to clear heat, the 4 gates to move qi, LU 7 (He has sinus involvement, plus LU 7 can move qi through the whole body. YinTang helps the sinusesd locally and calms the shen. ST 36 & SP 6 descend ST qi, harmonize the intestines and harmonize the LV. Ki 3 (alt w/ KI 6) tonifies yin. I use GB 39 (Master Tung&#39s YiZhong) plus ErZhong (2 c proximal to GB 39 on the GB channel) and SanZhong (2 c proximal to ErZhong.) The Three Zhongs are Master Tung&#39s specific points for hyperthyroidism--- feel for Ashi along the GB channel to find the exact location.

After four treatments the hypertension was gone, and the LV yang rising became LV heat. It&#39s been 5 weeks now, and he looks more like yin deficiency. I adjust the points according to how he presents each time, but he&#39s always Ashi on the 3 Zhongs. I chart that my recommendation is that he continue to be followed by the MD, though he is reluctant to do so.

You have to tailor the treatment for each patient, but I would definately recommend the Master Tung point set for the Hyperthyroidism.

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