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Addisons disease


I have addisons and am taking hydrocortisone fludrocortisone and thyroxine for hypothyroid as well.
I have been having fertility issues and have been having accupuncture. I have been given tao hong si wu tang and joa wei xiao yao san to take but am nervous they may interact with my medication.
Can anyone telly me if there are any known interactions



The real people to ask are the practitioners that are recommending these medicines for you. But the general answer is no - the formulas you reference and your thyroid/adrenal medications are fairly separate. That said, you should be able to more fully resolve your overall condition, which is more than likely the stronger factor in your fertility, by treating it more comprehensively within Chinese Medicine.

I would simply trust in the years of education and clinical experience that your practitioners have and let them help you work through these issues.

Depending on a host of factors, there are patients with Addison’s that can be more successfully resolved with proper Chinese Medicine care than the often lifelong management that will happen within Western medical approaches.

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