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Acute tinnitus from sound trauma


Most issues discussed seem to be about chronic tinnitus. I’m trying to tx acute tinnitus due to a loud alarm going off next to the head. Various approaches of Dr. Tan, TCM and scalp haven’t helped.

I’m grateful for any suggestions



What’s the context you’re coming from - practitioner, student, other?


I’ve just graduated, taking boards and it happened to me personally


Generally speaking self treatment is never going to be anywhere near as helpful as having someone else work on you. I’m not sure if you’re treating yourself or not but if so that is certainly a factor. How often are you getting treated - trying to do too much at once can result in no progression especially if you’re trying multiple styles. Also don’t forget that you shouldn’t focus on treating acute tinnitus - treat the pattern using all the signs and symptoms you’re experiencing.


I didn’t self treat…have seen 3 different practitioners. Pattern doesn’t really fit wind or phlegm by T?P


How long ago did this happen and how frequently and what was the total number of times you saw each of those 3 practitioners?

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