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Acupunture needle to be left in the body is part of a treatment?


my mother recently went through acupuncture treatment. Acupuncturist inserted few needles inside her body intentionally (as part of the treatment) and told her this will make the healing more effective and the needles will dissolve inside the body itself in few days. it is a very new thing for me and growing a fear inside me if this was the right treatment she got? I tried to find some similar/relevant treatment online but cant find much about it. I am really worried about this , could you please enlighten me with this?


There is no treatment like that that I know of and certainly a stainless steel needle isn’t going to dissolve. There are some auricular (ear) points where you can use ear seeds, but those don’t dissolve either.

So a needle left in the body (if it is an actual needle) will likely cause an infection, damage or worse. There are intradermal needles that some practitioners put in and will leave in for a few days or until the next treatment even, but they do not dissolve.

If your practitioner left actual needles in and is expecting them to dissolve inside the body you need to turn them in to the medical board if there is such a thing where you are.


If in fact stainless steel, gold, silver, bone, bamboo or other type of material of needle was left inside the body you should have your mother seek immediate medical treatment to get them removed. If they were intradermal needles, which are usually a 2-4mm length small tack attached to tape, you can leave them in safely for a few days and remove them on your own by just peeling them off.


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