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Acupunture method


Sir, Please convey deference between trational acupunture method and western acupunture method



Your question doesn&#39t really have an answer except in the most generalized sense. There is really no such thing as "traditional" acupuncture as there are many, many branches and what is called "Traditional Chinese Medicine" or "TCM" many would argue is not traditional at all, but a fairly modern adaptation. "Western" acupuncture on the same front could be taken to mean many modern systems of acupuncture or even more modern/traditional mixed systems such as the worsley five element acupuncture. Then there are other more trigger point based systems, or those based on modern western anatomical understandings and many more beyond that.

If you can narrow down some specific points you are looking to discuss with more defined differences you have observed or are interested in, we might be able to discuss further.


Thankyou sir for ur comments

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