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Acupuncturist Left a Needle in Me - How should I react to this?


Submitted By: Apache0c

Just as the title says, I went to the acupuncturist yesterday and when I got in the shower this morning I still had a needle in my leg. How should I react to this? Please advise.


I have been interested in eastern medicine for as long as I can remember. I believe in acupuncture and have experienced great results from it as have friends and co-workers of mine. I have recently started treatment with a new Dr., now that I can afford it. I found the Dr. online and did a lot of research to find someone that I thought was right for me. The sessioin in question, was my fourth session with the Dr. The sessions leading up to that have been great, I like his technique and philosophy and I believe that I am seeing results from his treatment, his demeanor suits me as well. I'm kind of an intense guy, I somehow create pressure everywhere I go, it's part of my nature. It is possible that the Dr. was nervous or distracted. I have already purchased 6 sessions fom the Dr. and I have two more remaining. My initial thought is that I shouldnt over react. Should I be more concerned?

Thank you to everyone who reads this. I appreciate any perspective you can give me. God bless.


Honestly, it happens to all of us. I wouldn&#39t give it much thought. I&#39ve both done it as a practitioner and had it happen to me as a patient. There is very little that can go wrong with a needle in as far as infection, nerve damage, etc. There are a couple areas that if a needle is going to be left in it will be in the head (particularly with thick needle colored hair - grey), and the legs particularly in fleshier parts (inner calf, etc.). The only place where it could be truly problematic would be if a needle were left in the back, but I&#39ve personally never heard of that happening. It&#39s mostly in areas that aren&#39t immediately visible.

While personally all is done in my clinic to have this never happen - it still does - not often, but it still happens. I imagine most other practitioners have similar experiences - even those with very small individual treatment room practices and probably a little more so in multi-room practices with assistants like mine.

I would mention it, just so they know it happened, but I wouldn&#39t give it much more thought.


Yep. No biggie. In fact, maybe fate says it was meant to be there and you got some free extended treatment!!

There are even what&#39s called small dermal needles that barely puncture the skin for this exact reason.

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