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Acupuncture Volunteering/Apprenticeships



I am physician (MD) diversifying into TCM. I have some needling experience and am enrolling in a Masters course in Acupuncture soon. I was wondering if I can volunteer/do apprenticeship in any acupuncture clinic while I earn my masters. I already have knowledge of anatomy etc and about 300 hours of clinical acupuncture experience. I am looking to do this somewhere in Asia (Nepal, Singapore etc)

Would anyone have some information preferably about such sites where one can gather clinical experience while studying?

Any information about sites/websites/ contact details would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance,

Ajit (MD)


The absolute best would be to find a practitioner in the same area that you are taking your masters (or simply where you live) and assist with them. There is absolutely nothing better than shadowing someone who has an active practice.

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