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Acupuncture Treatment for Muscular Distrophy


Submitted By: Acutherapist

To all the forum members
iam viay from india treating a Muscular distrophy patient. The patient is 10 yrs old, he can't walk . since from couple of months iam treating him. some changes i find . could anyone pls
send me important points for Muscular distrophy. seniour therapist suggestions appreciated.

thank u


For Muscular Dystrophy I treat according to basic TCM principles (i.e. arrive at a related TCM diagnosis) and then add in massage and/or needling as appropriate to the huatuo of C1, C2, GB 19, SI 16, GB 20, GV 20, GV 17, BL 9, ST 36, and a point we call Tiandong which is midline between LI 16 and LI 17 and used to stimulate/open the vertebral artery.

Of the points, opening in the area of C1, C2, GB 19, and Tiandong are of principle importance. Generally you will find pressure pain in those areas and most often a particular side will be worse than the other. You should focus on the side with the most pressure pain.


Sir ,

thank u very much
still i have some doubts regarding your reply
what is this TCM diagnosis
thank u


Arriving at a proper diagnosis is far beyond the scope of this website and comes about only through the years of appropriate medical training which is required in most countries to practice acupuncture. If you are unfamiliar with the diagnostic procedures within Chinese Medicine there is a very good chance you shouldn't be practicing acupuncture. While it is true that there are medical doctors, chiropractors, and others who practice with little understanding of the underlying Chinese diagnostic framework the results are generally limited. This may be fine for more simple cases of pain but when you move outside of that into more complicated medical conditions the results you get will correspond more or less directly with your ability to ascertain a proper diagnosis. Muscular Dystrophy is certainly one of those conditions.

For the general theories behind forming an appropriate TCM diagnosis you can read the diagnosis section within the Chinese theory section of my site.


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