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Acupuncture treatment approaches for plantar fasciitis


I´ve attained fairly good results using ear seeds covering the part of the foot affected. They massage the plantar aspect of the foot and in a few days the condition improves. Needling is too painful but using the points above mentioned will help.

Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve helped several clients with this problem, ashi points along the plantar region. K3, bl60 & sp6. Needle the scalp approx 1/2 cun either side of Du20. If normal needles are too painful in the foot come down in size ( I usually use a needle inserter) Have also used ear needles with the pen inserter in extreme cases, I think the trick is to be able to get 20/30 needles in along the painful area and around the heel.

It has cleared severe plantar several times, sometimes takes 3/4 sessions but anyone who has it is usually very happy to feel relief after every session. This has worked everytime so far


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