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Acupuncture theory


I’ve only started lately getting interested in acupuncture. I love TCM :slight_smile: There is “command” points, and something that when you use needles causes a welt or red spot or something like that. I can’t remember what it’s called. Can anyone help fill me in ? These spots show if there’s problems I believe.


Please use the search before asking, you will very likely find your answer. Here is our page for “command points”. As for the red spots those have nothing to do with those in particular. They are generally thought of as excess energy at a particular point - but the truth is some people have a very mild sensitivity to the sterilizing agent on various brands of needles so they might show up with it anyhow regardless of activity at that particular point.


Sorry Chad I looked I evidently didn’t look enough or in the right place. Perhaps I misunderstood, I thought there were specific points that were like a “status” point. The needles placed there would cause red spots if there was a problem in that channel/meridian.


That’s any point really. Again, though, not all will do that regardless of the activity at a particular point. A more useful way to get this information is what is called palpatory diagnosis, which we use extensively, but that is beyond what can be easily described in an online forum as it requires deeper training in the internal arts (tai chi, meditation, etc.) as well as comprehensive understanding and practice experience with Chinese Medicine. Suffice it to say all the points can provide a skilled practitioner with helpful information and redness is one of many possible ways this can be communicated by the body.


Some points have diagnostic and therapeutic value in that they become tender in response to internal maladies called aashi points. For example front mu points of spleen and lower he(sea) points of large intestine in case of appendicitis. Probably you are referring to them.


Probably. This was a therapeutic purpose.

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