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Acupuncture/TCM for Bowel Obstruction


My Grandfather is in his late 70's and has been hospitalized for the third time in the last several months for bowel obstruction. He was admitted again Tuesday evening and the doctors are uncertain of what to do. They previously surgically straightened out parts of the intestines to keep him alive, but obviously the problem is recurring.

He had a triple bypass surgery around 1997 and a pacemaker was put in. He has also had several hernia surgeries. But he has much fight in him. He maintains a positive outlook, but he has become very drained over the last several years.

There must be something acupuncture/herbs may be able to do to help with the bowel adhesions. Doctors say he should make sure his food is very well chewed and he drinks plenty of water, but even liquids cause clogs and severe pain. Any suggestions to help? Thank you.


He should, of course, see someone personally given his medical history. I can imagine that he is on various medications etc. due to the pacemaker and blockages? Those can of course cause constipation/intestinal dryness and other issues - which may at least contribute to his problems.

Certainly acupuncture and herbal medicine may be used to increase the circulation and fluid/blood levels in the lower abdomen to help with conditions like this. Given everything that is going on, however, he needs someone to form a proper tcm diagnosis and treatment plan after speaking with him about his entire medical history and all of his current issues.

Without knowing his medical history and what medications he is on I&#39ll refrain from recommending any herbal formulas except for one. We often use Aloe Capsules for constipation and blockages they lightly help to move and nourish the bowels and are about as safe as you can get interactions-wise.

There are a few tcm herbal formulas that can be used for adhesions (and some clinical studies to support them) but proper use requires a proper diagnosis and they are usually mixed for each patient to accomodate for other underlying factors.

Acupuncture wise our acupuncture for constipation page discusses some relevant points. It is likely that he would be blood deficient and/or qi deficient based on what you have said.


Have you ever tried JFB- Myofascial release? Fascia is most abundant tissue in body, sometimes gets solidified due to trauma and can put pressure on sensitive structures that can block energy (chi). Holding sustained pressure on lower abdomen could release and soften tissue between the intestines and allow more movement. Just a suggestion?


for senior constipation the western medicine Purelax is better than herbs, the points is Sj6, Gb34, Kd 3& 6, Sp6 acupressure this better than acupunture stimulate.

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