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Acupuncture side effect? or not?


Last few days, I treated an athlete which has a knee problems, but while the treatment was going on, a disaster occurs that even I, did not expect it.
Here is the story, this athlete(volleyball player) that I've been treating had a practice in the time of 2pm-7pm, after their practice, he ate his dinner around 7:30pm, and after taking his dinner he went to sleep, and woke up around 9pm, after he woke up, he took a bath for 12 minutes. After taking a bath he went to me and he said that he want to treat his knee problems. But he never told me that he took a bath after a 5 hours practice and just rest for 2 hours. So then, I treat him in sitting position, my points is Xiyan, ST36, SP9, KD3. After the needles have been needled, he just been collapsed and fell down from the chair. All of his fingers have been erected, and his weight is so very heavy. After several minutes of taking first aid, he stand up and woke up, and his lips is so very pale, he said that his visions turns to black out and collapsed..
Sir, my question goes like this, is it the acupuncture, or acupuncture points the cause of why he collapsed, or is it over fatigue, or because of taking bath after his 5 hours playing volleyball. I would like to know your suggestion why he collapsed and what is the reason why he collapsed. Thank you sir.

Thank you,
Zack T.


While it is possible for people (albeit very rarely) to feel faint upon needling and/or during the treatment - it is most often with stronger descending/dispersing points/techniques such as strong manipulation on LI 4 and/or LV 3. The points you list are fairly general and are not likely to cause any kind of strong reaction.

Personally I wouldn't worry about what happened. You do need to be aware of the state that people come in when they arive for treatments and treat accordingly. But in this case it seems fairly clear it was from overexertion and heat.

If it happens regularly to your patients and/or happens to him the next time, then you need to look at some of your techniques. If this happens with many of your patients you are probably stimulating the needles too much. If it happens with just this individual he may be particularly sensitive. Adding points such as GV 20 and most particularly GV 26 may be very helpful.

GV 26 is an important point to be aware of as it is used to restore consciousness to someone who has fainted. You can needle it or simply use acupressure in the case that this happens to your patient(s) again.

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