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Acupuncture Points


On your site under points for GV 20 it states:

  • "Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the association area (related to emotions, memory, behavior), useful for low energy, yang energy imbalances, parkinson's, alzheimer's, motor control issues. Could you explain what is meant by association area? Does GV 20 have emotions memory and behavior associated with it? Or does it have an effect on another organ or part of the body? ro something else?

Thank you


Generally the Tam Healing System references items with their western medical terminology. So this area is referring to the area known as the association cortex or more commonly known as the association area.

From the medical dictionary:

Association Cortex: Any of the expanses of the cerebral cortex that are not sensory or motor in the customary sense, but instead are associated with advanced stages of sensory information processing, multisensory integration, or sensorimotor integration. Also called association area.


Yes, Gb20 is in begin point of trapezius muscle can control upper arms behaviors, and it's on head brain area good for emotion control, they are the central nerve system throught way, so Bb20 have a lot of uses.

thank you


Feng Mei

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