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Acupuncture points to help with hysterectomy


My mum just had a hysterectomy operation and I want to acupressure her instead of acupuncturing her. Which points should I go for? Her uterus had been taken out, under the five element theory, her water has been harm and to heal using the mother-child theory, i would use the two metal organs, which are LU and LI. Is the thinking process correct? I would think its more to do with the bladder points and maybe LI.
information and comment is greatly appreciated, thanks


The main thing to start with, from my perspective, is what are you trying to treat? What are her exact symptoms? What have you tried and what has changed and what hasn't...

Just because someone has an obvious organ issue does not mean they will necessarily show signs within a particular organ system or elemental perspective. You still need to take into account all the signs and symptoms, not just the obvious ones, to make a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

From the tam healing system that I utilize, one of the main areas to focus on would be the huatuo points (those closest to the spine) of lumbar vertebrae 2 (L2) - these are the nerves that innervate the uterus. Other points would be added according to her exact signs and symptoms.


If she has low abdominal pain, what diagnosis can we do? and what acupuncture points? I know you'd say we need more infomation, but ceteris paribus, what can we do with just the symptom of low abdominal pain?


As I pointed out the huatuo of T2 would be the points to focus on and the rest would be based on a Chinese diagnosis. They would most likely involve points such as KD 3, CV 4, UB 23 and possibly others through to the sacrum (UB 34). Others could be drawn from my abdominal pain treatment section as appropriate.

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