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Acupuncture points for heat


what is the best way to go about tx excessive heat

deep red tongue -dry, no coat

red rash to legs and back

hemmoragic bleed (i.e. - stroke) (no longer bleeding


what is the best way to treat female sudden head hair loss

sudden and dramatic hair loss - continuing for 7 months

began during a stressful period of time


This is heat go into blood stage, use "Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang". Too much depression will cause loss hair, she should self relaxation, for example: go to park, see some flowers, look flow water of river, trees, breath some fresh air, under the warm sun light, do some Tai Chi, Qi Gong will help open her heart, sooth her emotion, and find some good friends talk on tea time, speak out all unhappy stories, let them go varnished by wind, this is nature treatment way. If emotion still no good, go see a psychology doctor. points:Du14, Li4,11, Lv3, Sp6,10, K3,6, Ren17, Pc6...

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