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Acupuncture point(s) for improving capillary microcirculation



I am looking to mimic what Dan Shen does as far as improving capillary microcirculation with acupuncture. Any ideas which point(s) can do the same?


Mimic what someone else has done??? Oriental Medicine is not a cook book that can be applied to situations.... What is the etiology of the the deficiency or stagnation? Better to find your own solutions by using the parameters set forth in theory and a large part of your own intuition.. One would consider the patients constitution, lifestyle, diet and any significant trauma that they have had.... What does the pulse, abdoment and tongue tell you? What does the patient tell you? It is a much more complex and rich endeavor than mimicing what someone else has done.


I like to combine
Liv 3 and Liv 2

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