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Acupuncture Point Formula for treating Costochondritis

Be kind and tell me what is the Acupuncture Point Formula for treating Costochondritis. Thanks !

Unfortunately that is not how acupuncture works. I would give “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” a thorough reading to understand why there is no way to answer your question without knowing many, many more details.

That article will guide you towards understanding a little more about the diagnostic factors involved in designing an acupuncture treatment for an individual. After that you could look through our acupuncture for arthritis section for a general idea of the underlying diagnoses in Chinese Medicine terms that might be applicable in someone experiencing costochondritis.

In short you don’t treat the symptom, you treat what is behind the symptoms with Chinese Medicine. The goal of the practitioner is to look as deeply as possible at the causitive factors and treat according to those, not by chasing after the surface symptoms.

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