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I had two sessions of acupuncture in May/June of this year for shoulder pain which i found very beneficial.

Myself and my husband are trying to conceive our second child but i have not had a period since June (home pregnancy tests and doctors pregnancy tests indicated i am not pregnant, and bloods have been tested) and i am curious to know if whether, inadvertantly, my acupucnture sessions would have anything to do with my lack of periods.

Can anyone offer any advice?



In short no, but it could help you tremendously with regaining normal menstrual cycles and with fertility overall. Acupuncture even improperly done cannot in general terms override functions of the body (i.e. make things unnatural happen). This isn&#39t because acupuncture is failsafe so to speak but simply because it largely works with your body.

Particularly with 2 treatments for a localized problems chances of having a strong effect on the menstrual cycle would be miniscule at best.


thanks for the quick reply. Am waiting for my doctor to get back to me with results of my blood tests, so all depending on what they have/haven&#39t found, i would definitly look into acupuncture to help regain normal periods to help my chances of conceiving again! This is one less worry now, thanks again

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