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Acupuncture or massage to release natural Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)


Is it possible to use acupuncture or massage to release naturally occuring DMT in the body?


We know from clinical experience that acupuncture can lead to alterations in brain chemistry such as serotonin which DMT is chemically similar to (along with other natural brain chemicals). Technically DMT exists in -trace- amounts in the body and is possibly influenced along with points that would generally be used for depression, anxiety, etc. As the amounts are minuscule and the natural functions are not well understood there is certainly no research showing acupuncture or massage manipulating this chemistry directly so it would take research that will most likely never happen due to the effects and the nature of the chemistry to answer definitively.

If the general sense of your question is can acupuncture alter mood, yes. Is DMT involved in this exchange? - possibly...

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