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Acupuncture more effective than acupressure?


Submitted By: pokerface999

Sorry if there is already a threat.This is my first post and I am new to this ''science''.And I readed on few places, that acupuncture is more effective.But why is that?Why some needles should be more beneficial than the human body for applying pressure.Sorry about my english, is not my native language


This has been discussed and there are some research projects on this. Generally the answer to why is fairly simple - acupuncture is the only way to stimulate multiple points at the same time which does appear to make a difference in clinical results vs. single point usages. Additionally, the internal effects of needling appear to be stronger (i.e. create more change) in the body than acupressure. Studies have even been with acupuncture needling that show differences in physiological responses within millimeters of needle placement. The finger, then, is too broad. These can probably be argued, but the first point can&#39t.


10x a lot.Ive made a lot of researches, but I really didnt find anything.Now I know acupuncture is better.But acupressure is nor unbeneficial, right?


No, it&#39s very beneficial but for a limited number of issues.


A few additional points to take into consideration:

Where acupressure can be self-administered, it can be helpful in maintaining the effects from acupuncture.

Supplementing acupuncture treastment from a cerified practitioner with self care - which can include acupressure, qigong, and energy exercises as taught by Donna Eden - can help establish health-enhancing stress-reducing habits. All disease originates with stress, of which there are numerous sources. Environmental pollution, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs play a big role. There are a number of basic energy patterns that reflect chronic stress and interfere with the smooth natural flow of vital energy. The more an individual is able and willing to address these patterns with a regular practice of self-care, the more useful and long-lasting an acupuncture treatment is likely to be.

For more information about Donna Eden&#39s Energy exercises, look for her demonstrations on youtube. TO find a practitioner in your area, you can find a directory at

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