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Acupuncture & Liver Cirrhosis


I have come across a Case of Liver Cirrhosis with Jaundice, Portal Hypertension, Ascitis and Diabetes Mellitus. Could any TCM practitioners or Acupuncturists share their experience in treating such a condition effectively? I have not got an opportunity to treat such a case, so I require some knowledge and experience to be shared. The patient is about 64 years old male with a history of alcohol addiction which he quit about 10 years ago. He has been advised to go for Liver transplantation.

Can I help him with Acupuncture for recovering from this condition?


Classical point combination in acupuncture for liver cirrhosis is - K 7 + K 9 + Ren 9 + UB 23 + St 36 . For Ascitis - Ren 9 and St 36 are helpful . - Additionaly helpful points are - UB 22 - UB 45 - Li 4 - Li 11 - Ren 3 - Ren 7 - St 44 - Liv 2 - Sp 6 - K 14. I have treated one case and results were good .


Hello Raj,

Thank you very much for your inputs. I will go ahead try this. Hope it helps him. I am yet to see the patient.

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