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Acupuncture is effective for brain aneurysm ?


Acupuncture is effective for brain aneurysm ?
Thank you !


Are you asking for healing after a ruptured aneurysm, avoiding a rupture, or just avoiding generally?

Regardless, yes, acupuncture is generally useful for a range of cardiovascular and neurological issues and has a strong role in such things as stroke recovery. Generally speaking with a ruptured aneurysm a combination of western and eastern methods will lead to the best results.

In an unruptured aneurysm you need to see a skilled practitioner, however and will still often couple the treatment with western medical interventions.

Avoidance, as in people with family histories, etc. could also be done. Generally this involves strongly tailoring the treatments to the persons diagnosis in TCM terms (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on this).

Long story short, yes, there is a role that acupuncture plays, but treatment is strongly tailored to the situation at hand.


Many thanks for your kindness !


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