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Acupuncture for reoccurence of Craniopharyngioma


We found my wife had Craniopharyngioma Cyst near pituitary gland near her third ventricle. She had a surgery 10 months ago to drain the accumulated hydrocephalus fluids from third ventricle and followed by radiation therapy to kill tumor and cyst cells. We recently found out that cyst size increased by few millimeters. We would like to know if acupuncture can help her in any way to reduce the cyst.


It can, but it takes someone with experience in treating cancer. I would recommend two things, one that you find a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area. If they don&#39t have lots of cancer experience that would be ok, but they need to be reasonably experienced otherwise if at all possible. Second that you utilize tong ren therapy (a form of energy healing). Cancer responds quite well to tong ren therapy. You can obtain treatment for free via online classes - ours is tuesdays nights at 6pm EST/US and there are many more at

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