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Acupuncture for Leaky Gut Syndrome


I am looking for some information on acupuncture points that would work for "Leaky Gut Syndrome".
Apparently, since this sickness is sort of a Modern day sickness (Created by usage of Antibiotics and/or steroids) there is not much material on it in the TCM. Furthermore, it is a multi layered disease that most acupuncturist get confused about, because tong and pulse signs are generally complex, especially because the main problem is in the small intestine. but many other signs on liver, spleen and kidney surround it.
So far I have found only 1 useful article which is:
But this mainly has information on herbs and formulas. As you can imagine, a person that has Leaky Gut would really be able to use needles as a form of treatment if they could work because taking anything by mouth would have a high chance of having something in the formula that could irritate the gut and cause an allergy reaction.

Here are the basic patterns that need to be addressed in a Leaky Gut Syndrome:
1. Liver Qi Stag.
2. Spleen Qi Def
3. Small Intestine damaged (this is the one I am having a tough time finding an acupuncture prescription for)
4. Kidney yin/yang depleted (which needs to be addressed after the first 3 patterns)

Dr, Fratkin does mention combining St-27 , St-36 and Sp-3 as one prescription to heal the small intestine. But I am looking for more ideas, or even first hand experiences that some of the practioners may have had to face, and how they resolved it. Thanks


Here is a very simple acupuncture protocol which can be used for any digestive issue:

Right side: Li4 (or Lingku), SJ5, Liv8, Sp9

Left side: Pc6, Ht5, Lu7, St36, GB34

You can alternate sides each treatment. I recommend getting sensation at each point.

I have yet to find a patient whom this treatment does not help.


Well, it seems like the element of spleen Qi dificency highly effects the function of the Pancreas&#39s ability to produce the enzymes that help body digest food. This is why the small inestine gets inflimation, and because the texture of the mucosa of small intestine is pores, inflimation causes the intestine to expand and pores to open up more than they should, and hence the Gut starts to Leak!..Hence the term "Leaky Gut Syndrome".

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