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Acupuncture for infertility in women


Does acupuncture for infetility really work?

I am writting a report about how effective acupuncture is for infertile women, I would be very thankful to you if you could tell me your experiences as a patient or a practitioner.

Does it actually help??

How does it help? And how was it diefferent from the usual western style medications and treatment?

Is it more then a placebo?


if I may compare woman&#39s uterus to farming soil... it will be easier to relate and understand TCM&#39s approach on the issue of infertility.

In order for soil to be good for farming there have to be plentiful moisture, sunlight, nutrients, good air and right temperature - having a good seed is another matter...

A woman&#39s body, uterus to be specific, must have similar conditions as soil does for an optimal pregnancy. Her kidney, liver and spleen have to work in balance to achieve the goal. spleen&#39s blood regulating function(yang energy) for maintaining optimal temperature of the uterus and kidney&#39s robust renal filtration work in conjunction with lung&#39s diffusing capacity(yin/yang balance) will determine the conception power of a uterus. Kidney&#39s original essence(yin) has to be there to hold the embryo beyond 8 weeks and on. Liver&#39s over 500 blood transformation related works(Qi / yin) has to be present for an uterus to harvest it&#39s fruit.

in TCM practice, we recognize this reality of a woman&#39s uterus and her body and incorporate formula of acupuncture points and herbal formula in patients&#39 holistic treatmenst so her body will perform how it meant to perform and become a mother naturally. hope it helped...

thank you.


Acupuncture and herbs alone are so very helpful with infertility. For one: A lot of times women dealing with an infertility issue can feel like a full time job without any control. And acupuncture is a holistic medicine and really addresses the body as a whole. So not only are we working towards fertile health but general health also. It also provides them with a sense of control in a area that can seem very helpless.

Secondly) acupuncture is really helpful and regulating out women&#39s Basal body temperatures and can help stimulate/encourage ovulation. This is particularly useful when women&#39s BBT show that they ovulate late or too early.

Thirdly) Many Western fertility centers actively refer out to acupuncturists for help. Statistics show that women who attend an acupuncturist while persuing help for infertility while undergoing any additional reproductive therapy (such as IUI/IVF) have a sturdy increase in chances of conception AND to making it to heart beat (viable pregnancy).

It differs from Western medicines in that acupuncture/herbs is completely natural. There isn&#39t any side effects. For example - clomid (a very popular western drug of choice for infertility) has a side effect of making the uterine lining thinner. Which is a very unfortunate thing while trying to help get someone pregnant!

I&#39ve treated a woman who have had a year of unsuccessful injections, clomid, IUI, & IVF. (The doctors had even recommended not doing IVF because she was technically infertile based off of her low ovarian reserve.) She had pretty much given up and decided to try acupuncture as her last resort. And now she has a healthy 2year old boy! There is something to be said for that!

I hope this information provides you with a little more insight to what acupuncture and herbal therapy can provide for someone undergoing the hardships of infertility.

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