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Acupuncture for Gastroparesis


I'm looking for points related to GI dysmotility and delayed gastric emptying. With no medical "cures" for gastroparesis or symptoms associated with delayed gastric emptying, TCM and acupuncture are common "solutions", but certainly does not work for everyone. I'm hoping to get insight from the public on what you generally do if you have been diagnosed with, or know someone who has been dx'd with, gastroparesis.


There isn&#39t a clear answer for you - and the "why" of this is within "What Does Acupuncture Treat? - treating the causes and not the symptoms". I do take issue with your "does not work for everyone". While it is true that we are human, we get sick and we die, the true usefullness of Chinese Medicine is in the diagnostic framework. And in the hands of a skilled practitioner there is much that can be done. The entire range of digestive/assimilation issues are generally very well treated within Chinese Medicine, but proper diagnosis is key. There are no points, herbs, or anything else for "gastroparesis" or any other GI problem for that matter - but it can be treated nonetheless. Clinically, I&#39ve had great success in resolving these assimilation and motility issues.

If you are asking as a practitioner you need to walk away from the western terms and western ideas, simply look at what your patient presents with and treat what you see and observe with your training. With that approach you will most likely do fine.

If you are a practitioner and you are asking about a particular case, then present what you have, what you have tried, what results you have and what you feel should have happened and others can offer more specific information.

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