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Acupuncture for fertility problems for men or women


hi everybody

I am an acupucturist and would like to specialized in fertility problems- do you know if there are specific courses for acupuncturists dealing with this field? and where?


I suggest you mentor with someone who is knowledgeable in that area.


That depends on a) where you live, and b) how extensive your interest is. If you want to just treat straight infertility (in men and women) then sticking to the usual diagnostics of CM is often enough - that&#39s all I do.

But, if you want to work with patients having Assisted Reproduction/IVF, then you do really need to study things from a Western perspective to understand how your treatments fit in and support the intervention. That isn&#39t difficult, to be honest - the really tough bit is the intense emotional support these people need. So, a good mentor is invaluable for giving you the pointers and insight needed but, it would be worth doing a course tailored to IVF etc. I&#39m sure if you search you can find one for your location, many places do them. In the UK, the Gold Standard course is Zita West but, look up Debra Betts, too. Even if you are not near them they should be able to direct you to the best course. IVF is certainly not something to do without prior knowledge and experience but, there&#39s no reason you can&#39t begin to treat people for &#39ordinary&#39 fertility. It is very interesting, and so lovely when it all works out.


I would recommend the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine ( They will actually certify you in this field if you follow their requirments. I think it means a bunch of CEUs in the proper areas, 2 years of maintaining acupuncture licensure for your state, and sitting for an exam (on top of paying the fees).

I have considered doing this, myself, because it will give structure to my learning in this area. There are loads of courses listed, both online and onsite. So check out their website for inspiration.

Of course getting hands-on experience under the clinical supervision of an experienced fertility acupuncturist is paramount to other forms of education, but in the event you cannot find someone to work with, you can learn in other ways.

(ps. to learn the ins and outs of the public approach to western take on infertility, sit in on some infertility bulletin boards online, i.e.,,, and you will see the full gamut of ladies there going through infertility & ART. Although infertility affects men, too, women make up the primary group of people facing, and publicly dealing with infertility).

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