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Acupuncture for anxiety


For symptoms such as heart palpitations, nausea, shakiness, and stomach upset that are a direct result of anxiety, what sort of treatment is best? Sometimes the actual Acu treatments seem to reproduce the symptoms while on the that typical..and would there be any suggestions for riding it out?

Also, is it OK to try some self Acupressure? And if so, what is the best way to find PC6 if I'm not an Acupuncturist?

What about herbal supplements for anxiety...are there any that tend to work best?

Thank you.


Hi Debbie,

From my experience, I'd use the following points to reduce anxiety symptoms:

After a pulse check, corroborating which pulses are off tune...and usually Liv. is affected, and Kidneys are low or non existent...:-),

1. Lu9 + Pc7 + Ht7, Pc3, Ren12, Ren17 (in case there is a slight problem of "free" breathing), Liv2 + Liv3, Kd3, Kd6, Kd7 = tonifying Yin and Kidneys against Fear...

and would use ear points: Shenmen. Point Zero, Tranquilizing point in Tragus, and neurastenia (master of Cerebro) and Nervousness point in Lobe.

You could consider as well Du 20 as an extra point for this protocol.

Ren12 is a very powerfull point as it controls all the organs in the abdomen and the third Chakra.

At the distance of 3 of your fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers- the 3 together) from the line of the palm and upward, between the 2 tendons that you can feel in the middle of the arm - there you'll find Pc6

I hope this will help.

All the best

Beny Lotringer

San Jose, Costa Rica


Hello Debbie,

Acupuncture is used extensively and with good result to treat anxiety and other psychological issues. Certainly there are points and styles of acupuncture that might make people somewhat uncomfortable during the treatment, but this is rare with proper point selection and methods. If you are uncomfortable at all during the treatment you should discuss this with your practitioner and if you are not improving noticeably after 7 treatments or so you should find someone else.

With regards to basic patterns, our Acupuncture for Anxiety section has the most common patterns and treatment points you can use. Acupressure would be fine on any of the points listed there and PC 6 is valuable (as well as PC 8) and it's location is described within my common acupressure points articles.

With regards to herbal formulas, there are many and you should see a practitioner to decide what is best for you. Our CZ Herbal Formula is the one we use the most often with a broad range of anxiety symptoms and it works really well with no side effects.


for heart problem like palpitations...., try Chinese Medicine: "Dan Shen Pian" or "Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian" pills.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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