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Acupuncture Early Pregnancy- Sensitive Yang?


I am only 5 weeks into this pregnancy but VERY sensitive to energy, and acupuncture. My Naturopathic Doctor used four points on me today to assist with morning sickness. One was on my right and left foot. The right side was incredibly tender. Usually during acupuncture the yin energy is sensitive. Well, before pregnancy anyways.

What do you think causes this? Could it be an indication of having a boy? I am confused as to why my yang points are sensitive when it was normally the other way around!

Thank you!


There are a number of possibilities as to having different reactions to points. Your level of stress, how recently you ate, the size of the needle and technique used, the mood of the practitioner, even the phase of the moon could all in some way factor in. I wouldn’t take being more sensitive to either yin or yang points as a sign of the baby’s gender.


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