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Acupuncture during the Full Eclipse


Does anyone have reliable, verified information regarding the energetic issues/potential for doing acupuncture treatments during a full solar eclipse?
Failing at the verfiied data, any theory or personal insight to share on it?


I’m sure there are theories about it however I’m pretty doubtful that there will be any actual clinical relevance, other than perhaps patients not wanting to schedule so as not to miss the eclipse.


So even the obviously scientifically based nasa has a statement about how the eclipse affects peoples psychology ( read here ). They conclude their small statement by saying “Although there are no direct physical effects involving known forces, the consequences of the induced human psychological states have indeed led to physical effects.”

As with full moon periods and other similar times there is good and bad affects depending on how it is treated and harnessed. In qi gong theory you have considerations for avoiding practicing in extreme weather conditions, certain practices to avoid on a full moon, certain practices to do on a full moon, etc. The whole gamut.

I would think it would be unlikely based on 1000’s of years of peoples reactions and stories surrounding eclipses to say it has no effect at all. From modern western research there are changes in electromagnetic charges affecting all charged particles ( 1 ) and researchers focused on eclipses and behavior have found in very general terms that animals tend to hide out and humans tend to get aggressive.

For acupuncture, generally, then I would say it would be ideal to avoid it. But for qi gong, meditation, etc. with the guidance of a good teacher who is deeply experienced in such matters it may be a good time for some strong experiences.


There is some research that shows both behavioral and hormone changes can occur in mental health patients during the solar eclipse even when they were kept inside.

In the context of acupuncture, certainly changes in mind and mood of the patient would have effects on the treatment outcome. Depending on the circumstances those changes could be positive or negative. I don’t think the eclipse would change the biophysical mechanisms of acupuncture itself but it would be interesting for someone to do that research.


Twenty years ago, my first teacher, a Chinese Qigong adept and acupuncturist in Kuala Lumpur named Chiong Hock Seng, was completely into using Chinese astrology to pick a single distal point that changed hourly to “activate” a conventional body treatment. He explained that this point was like a high tide point that would supercharge the treatment.

Unfortunately, all of astrological tables were non-English language, so I never got into it, and then got swept into TCM to pass my boards, and forgot all about his system.

I drifted into other things like Nogier’s system and some Tong’s stuff, but now find myself curious about my old teacher’s path.


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