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Acupuncture, corea tx



I'd like to know if anyone has experience in treating "corea" (mal de San Vito) with acupuncture. This syndrome began when the patient was 63 years old (about 10 years ago) and it doesn't seem to be a hereditary case, more likely an emotional "after shock" case...alopatic tx. hasn't really had great effect bettering the patient. Today I had the chance to treat the patient for the first time, and protocol was mainly reducing stress, and some craneal acup. stimulation. In any case, I'll continue updating the forum with the Tx. outcome.




I would like some more information. What are his exact symptoms? Are they one sided, bilateral, or freely roaming from side to side? What initiated the symptoms? Particularly was he on any medicines at this time? Finally, what is his overall tcm diagnosis with supporting signs?


Mood swings, depression and irritability are some common symptoms for corea.


Hi Chad,

Sorry for not answering earlier, I wasn't really available and the patient, (female), is now in the US, so I couln't retrieve all the info. that she might have. In all, the symptoms seem to cover the whole body - upper and lower extremities, head, etc. bilateral, not necessarily with an exact pattern - uncontrolled "tics" a/o spasms however. I think that there's a strong connection between the symptoms' appearance and a big emotional trauma in her life, as NO allophatic examination was able to state that there is anything that could promote the Corea, from allophatic point of view of course; well some diagnostication had to be given.... She's now being treated with Raff Flower Remedies (not BACH...:-), a.w.a with Homeophaty, and beginning with acupuncture. A.s.a I have more details i'll make them available.

Again, Thanks



Thank you for your comment. I personally think so too. We're treating her with Raff Flower Remedies, for the emotional "package", to try and make more bearable her actual style of living/environment, hence lowering her frustration, anger, anxiety, etc. a.w.a. with Homeophaty, and recently will incorporate acupuncture, mostly for "anger", "frustration", etc. that underlay in the Wood element mostly, incorporating the Fire (heart) element as well.


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