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Acupuncture complex question


Submitted By: hopeful1

Thank you, in advance, for any thoughts towards my post.

I was treated by acupuncture successfully for one year for anxiety symptoms and immune boosting. Then, after a severe chiropractic injury (following several chiropractic cervical adjustments), I was left with "cervicogenic dizziness," "chronic trigger points," and "migraines." All MRIs and MRAs are normal; no arterial damage. The muscles in my head, throat, neck, and shoulders are all very tight from the repetitive (now in aftersight unnecessary) chiropractic treatments in the absence of massage. Since then, I have been receiving myofascial release massage for one year.

After the chiropractic injury, when I returned to the acupuncturist to treat the anxiety and immune system, the strangest thing happened: the needles where in the original, effective places as usual (pre-injury) but this time my throat and neck muscles tightened during the treatment to the point of great discomfort. (When the neck muscles tighten, dizziness ensues, and when the throat tightens I have swallowing issues). The acupuncturist removed the needles, and tried treating the neck throat only, but was overall not sure about that reaction from my body. I returned once more for anxiety and immune treatment, but the throat and neck/shoulders all tightened immensely.

I really still do need help with anxiety and immunity; is there a way to be treated with acupuncture without aggravating/tightening these muscles? (I do not respond well to using needles combined with electric currents.) The acupuncturists who I have gone to, and I have described the problem, just come up with a question mark on their faces...

As I am hoping to return to an acupuncturist for anxiety/immune, as a patient, what information can I present to best help the acupuncturist to help me?

Thank you again.


First of all, there are no treatments for "anxiety" per se nor is there really a way to use acupuncture to only treat your "throat" and not other related issues. You treat the deeper patterns in Chinese Medicine (i.e. everything) or nothing at all (see "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" for more details). These are more than likely just ways practitioners try to "explain" what they are doing for you and to try to calm you but it does lead to some confusion. I would start by reading What Does Acupuncture Treat? - which hopefully clarifies the approach of Chinese Medicine.

Now all that said, acupuncture with a history of trauma like it appears you experienced can be a difficult mix. As far as practitioners go you will need to find someone who first ideally also practices tuina (then you won&#39t need to pay for more massage and the treatments will be more coordinated - in my opinion at least). At this point and generally for people with anxiety/over stimulation issues you do not need electro stimulation on the needles, deep needling techniques or anything other than simple insertion and retention. Cupping would be a near requirement in my mind to better loosen the neck muscles, etc. particularly if a year of regular massage hasn&#39t done that for you. A japanese style acupuncturist might be good for the lighter needling techniques, but those are harder to find. Just find someone who uses all the regular tools - needles, cupping, tuina, moxibustion, etc. and you should do fine.


Mr. Dupuis,

I really appreciate your feedback, and your thoughtfulness.

Kind regards,

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