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Acupuncture birthcontrol?


Was reading books and saw that several points arent desired for use in pregnancy because they could lead to misscariage etc.

Wanted to ask, is there any written data about acupuncture birth control and/or using acupunture to terminate pregnancy?


Are you asking two questions or mixing the terms birth control with abortion? Ethically, no, you will not find research on a procedure like that. There are some reports (possibly hearsay) in the early 70&#39s/80&#39s where some people were trying to perform acupuncture abortions and from what I&#39ve heard of those nothing ever happened. That is they were 100% unsuccessful. Generally speaking acupuncture works only with the natural working of the body so if someone is going to carry to term no amount of acupuncture is going to make them not do this. And it should be mentioned that most of the acupuncture points "contraindicated" for pregnancy are actually still used for certain situations - you just have to know what you are doing and be cautious.

With regards to birth control, the same applies. You generally cannot use acupuncture to make the body do something that is against the natural workings of the body - that&#39s the domain of aspects of western medicine. This is because acupuncture is only making the body adjust internally - there is nothing in the needles, no overpowering chemistry, etc. - just asking the body to make some changes. The body is designed for certain purposes and generally will not listen to requests that go too far out of this working order...


That is what i though. The idea poped in my head so i had to ask. Thank you very much for your answer, it was indeed brilliant!


Forgot to mention i was reading a book about ear acupuncture and it said that ancient Egyptian woman used to cauterize a part of their ear when they didn&#39t wish to get pregnant any more. Sounded like an interesting trivia.


In old times Chinese acupuncture books, there are some points for birthcontrol, points are: Ren5, Sp6, Li4 to Ling Gu(one needle 2 points).


Thank you Feng Mei. That sounds interesting. Can you tell me how exactly does it work, what is written in the books?

How many times should it be stimulated? Only in fertile days, near the ovulation or? It sounds very interesting to me, but it also sounds like it can backfire and create pregnancy lol :)


It was written in China Culture Big Revolution times book, every 7th day of period begin needling those points and 5 days a term, tested 17 persons, 15 persons good effective. if together with birth control pills very more better I think. Another thing should mention is Ren5 will cause hurt uterus may cause life time no pregnance, it was written in some Ancient Chinese acupuncture books.


Ren 5 is said to cause infertility. Said to, mind. One of my professors talked about a former student who was thinking about naming his third child "Stone Gate."


My professors used to refer to CV9 as "teenager&#39s birth control" (that&#39s where a belly button ring piercing goes). They said if one has that piericing, pregnancy would not be possible - I know many women who have proven that to be a rumor though!

I agree with Chad&#39s post - we are merely facilitators to the body expressing it&#39s full potential, whatever that might be. What our Innate Intelligence desires to do, it will do.

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