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Acupuncture & Axialtonal Line Hook-up


Submitted By: pahner

Have you ever read the book "What is Lightbody"..."Through the axiotonal lines, a human body is directly reprogrammed by the Overself into a new body of Light. Axiotonal lines exist independently of any physical body or biological form. They emanate from various star systems and are the means by which the galactic body controls its renewing mechanisms.The Axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound. Once reconnection has occurred, the Overself transmits the appropriate color/tone frequencies to regenerate the physical body into a Lightbody. The axiotonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians and connect into some of them by means of the “spin points in every cell of the body. These cellular points emit Sound and Light frequencies which spin the atoms of the molecules in the cell at a faster rate. Through the increased molecular spin, Light fibers are created which set up a grid for cellular regeneration."Very interesting stuff. A collegue and I have been playing around with different sequences and we think we stumbled across a protocol that appears to be working. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with acupuncture points and the axialtonal lines??? Be Healthy, Stay Strong, Live LongTM


I am interested, as I'm sure others are, in having you post the protocol here so we may try what you have found and provide feedback about the protocol itself and/or our experiences with it.

I'm also curious what your personal experiences have been with the protocol, what conditions you have treated that you had difficulty treating with more standard acupuncture and/or energy healing techniques, etc.

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