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Acupuncture and TENs


Hi Chad and Everyone,

I had a question about the use of TENs. I am a student and bought a TENs unit and Terry Olsens book on Aricular Acupuncture. It is pretty easy and seems quite effective to use TENs on ear points. I am wondering where I could find information on how to use the TENS on body points or even HOW to use it.

How would you tonify, reduce, or simply stimulate an acupoint with a TENs unit?

For the ear Olsen gives specific frequencies which Ralph Noiger came up with.

How would one determine the correct frequency for an ancupoint and does that relate to tonification, reduction, or stimulaton?

Thanks in Advance,



The TENS mainly has 3 kinds of frequency: fast frequency, slow frequency and fast & slow frequency combine treatments. Fast frequency is 25-100/min, it is for stop pain and calm down mind treatment use. Slow frequency is 15-20/min, it is for increase muscle power and for example the bell&#39s palsy illness treatment use. The fast and slow combine frequency is for active blood circle and move Qi stagnation treatment use. The TENS can not use cross spine ( positive and negative poles), not use for pacemaker or heart disease person.


I see, Feng Mei your statement was insightful..

I have been told to avoid the spine and head with TENs and to not use it with people who have a pacemaker or heart troubles.

Thank you for responding



I believe you are not to cross the heart either, so don&#39t connect leads above and below the heart, use different leads.

Heads are ok but be careful. It is especially useful for Bell&#39s Palsy so do use it on the face with caution since bruising is so easy to do on the face.

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