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Acupuncture and mind


Hello everybody,

I would like to know if somebody knows which acupuncture's points can be used for stimulate a mental and muscular deep relaxation for really stressed patient?

Thank you very much for your help, my best to you



There are many. But you always want to treat the patients true diagnosis. In short, the fact that you perceive the patient as "stressed" is irrelevant in TCM terms. What is relevant is if they have liver qi stagnation, heart yin deficiency or one of many other patterns that could lead to what one might call stress and/or restlessness.

Useful items:

Our Acupuncture protocol page for anxiety - this has many of the relevant patterns and possible treatment point ideas.

Our conditions page for anxiety has a list of possible relevant points near the bottom of the page "acupuncture points for anxiety".

So diagnosis is the most important. If you are asking for general points - we find GB 13 a very useful point for this type of mental restlessness and yintang is also quite commonly used (overused in my opinion, but again, diagnosis is key).


Hi Chad,

thank you very much to coming back to me and for the informations. There are very usefull!

However, I am sorry but I have not been so specific in my question: I would like to use these points not to resolve anxiety and stress as pathology, but to help patient really stressed to:

- reach a particular state of whole relaxation during a hypnotherapy session

- to &#39&#39forcing&#39&#39 the relaxation during the induction or to calm down the patient if during a session he was too emotionally involved

I hope that you understand my question, I apology for my english :)

My best to you,



Acupuncture doesn&#39t really work like that. That is it is not a "point" to "condition" modality. Rather you treat the pattern. So long story short -- what might serve as a relaxing point to one patient, might be stimulating or counterproductive in other ways to another. So the initial diagnosis is key.

That said, try the points I mentioned as they tend to be more universally used. LV 3 would be another one.

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