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Acupuncture, A comprebensive text


In my country there is no institute for SOJOK or TCM training. So, I studied by my self for both.

I treated some people by SUJOK for: brain paralysis, hemiplegia, with 30 to 50 % of Success. And for most of the rest of body pain withe 50 to 80 % of Success.

And I am new in TCM, So that may I get this book ( Acupuncture, A comprehensive text ) for free?. And want your advices for other books names or links.

thanks alot for all to give me a hand


Our theory site has an extremely broad presentation of Chinese Medicine, which is offered freely. I would suggest you work through all of the information there.

Our recommended texts are shown here.


In fact yinyanghouse site is the best site I knew. I was just want to print out information as a hand paper instead of print out every single page. It needs a lot of efforts.
Anyway, I almost visiting your site every day, I realy like it. I consider it as encyclopedia inTCM.
with the best wishes


Thanks for the compliments. As far as printed books, for people with limited experience and not including herbal medicine, a good book with practical applications is “Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion” - new it is quite expensive but you can find used copies of the older version for somewhere around $10 USD.


Dear Mr. chad
It is helpful information.
thnks a lot


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