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Acupucture for scars which caused body imbalance

I have been having a course of acupuncture for scar tissue release related to an imbalance which occurred as a result of an kidney operation I had when I was 6 years old. This has caused issues with my right side, ankle and toe.

During treatment I experienced suicidal thoughts and it took so much of my energy.

Should I have felt better after 12 sessions? energy increased?

thoughts would be much appreciated!

It all depends. I’m cautious of the terms you used “acupuncture for scar tissue release” - because there really isn’t a thing. Chinese Medicine treats your issues from the root out and then may focus on some local issues such as scar tissue adhesion.

If the treatment was a from a fully trained and licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner, then, yes, in most cases of proper treatment after 12 sessions you would likely feel some improvement (although it’s not clear what your issues are from the post besides “issues” with your “right side”).

If you experienced suicidal thoughts during the treatment, this very likely has less to do with the treatment and far more to do with deeper psychological issues (which can be held in the tissue of course) that need to be looked at.

From this at least, I would first recommend that you only get treated from a fully licensed TCM practitioner if that is available in your area and two you consider seeing a therapist, ideally one who practices both EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy (i.e. not a “talk” therapist).

Thanks Chad for taking the time to reply, My acupuncturist is fully qualified and registered with experience of scars and similar issues.

The kidney op scar is large. The right side of my body has had the opportunity to function because my left side has done all the work in keeping me up.

I’m 38, as a teen I was told that I had a leg length difference and used inserts. Heel was raised. My right foot rotates in (or did so more before I started treatment). I ended up having difficult squatting and my right toes do not point.

I met the consultant that initially assessed me today and he believes that am experiencing these feelings due to issues that I haven’t dealt with. These need to be addressed before moving forward.

In your experience what’s ‘normal’ in terms of energy levels, etc? My spleen and liver channels have mainly been worked on during these sessions?

I’m going to take 8 weeks break as I have other things that I need to deal with at present.

I went for a job trial as a nanny with a wealthy family and my body crashed and became sick with Laryngitis. The worse I have been in years.

I didn’t know whether acupuncture is wrong for my body? Too aggressive? The consultant doesn’t think so. He says I need to work on a few things before trying again.

Your practitioner might just be being generous to you and letting you come in when you feel comfortable again on your own terms, but if they are uncomfortable with what happened then it is time to move on to a different practitioner. While I myself recommended some type of therapy, proper acupuncture would be mutually beneficial with that, not waiting until things are “resolved” and then starting treating you when all the hard work is basically done.

Movement is movement, generally within the the first few treatments particularly if you feel great after, great, if you feel worse, that is also in a way great - it’s change and as a practitioner you work with that and use the feedback to constantly tailor the treatment. I’m concerned that the practitioner isn’t applying acupuncture properly (i.e. to symptomatically tailored (i.e. “shallow”), vs. treating you properly systemically (i.e. “deeper”)) - if I’m correct this is not going to work well or at least would take a lot longer than it should.

Acupuncture in general cannot be “wrong” for someones body/mind - the only thing making the change with acupuncture is your body/mind. Improper treatment, however, can be extremely unhelpful - generally not damaging per se (again it is only helping your body make certain choices), but unhelpful. I would find, as I recommended, a good therapist with EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy and then another acupuncturist, ideally who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and, ideally, tuina (chinese medical massage - or has a background in neuromuscular therapy or related fields). Someone with those skills who has also been in practice full-time for at least 5 years should be able to really help you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!! Sounds like I need you to treat me!

My practitioner is very experienced and I trust she has carried out the right course of action.
I think it’s more that I need to do work mentally prior to another round. I’m going to allow myself 8 weeks to do this.

I think that I have to remember that am piercing together years between 6.5 years -Now.

At the moment I can focus on my training and diet. This really helps tremendously.

Thanks again! If you can recommend any Leo reading to help educate myself on the change that would be much appreciated.

I forgot to also mention that during the 12 weeks I had one week off due to Christmas holidays. I felt amazing during that week. I don’t remember ever feeling energised except the one or two days proceeding treatment. I would deteriorate until treatment again.

I’ve been told that it was this new change within my body that I hadn’t experienced. I didn’t like what I saw almost.

I can only take this break and work on what
I need to come to terms with.

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