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Acuprotocol for strabismus


Hello, what specific acupuncture points would help a patient with strabismus (42 Y. female) ? Which herbal formula I can add in this case? wat is the result after this treatment?
many thanks, Arina


What is your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms for the patient? Yin Deficient, Blood Deficient, Liver Wind, etc.? And what supporting signs are you using to come to that diagnosis?

What acupuncture points are you using now, how often and for how long with what affect?


TCM diagnosis : Liver Qi stagnation, slight Stomach yin deficiency, slight kidney deficiency.
Symptoms: irritability, tiredness,cross eyes ( left), double vision.
on the tongue: small cracks in the centre, pointed tip, slight red edges.
western diagnosis: esotropia
first treatment plan for 3 week (once per week): GB20, TAIYANG, YINTANG, YUYAO, KI1, ST36 - without subjective improvement
The last 3 days: (each day ) - GV20, TAIYANG, BL2, LI4, BL59, YUYAO, KI3 - constant esotropia for distance ( symptoms are worse)
Background to disease: emotional problems, 3 pregnancies in the space of 4 years (one birth), lack of sleep


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