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I recently went for my first acupuncture treatment, and was not able to have it because the doctor said I was to weak for it. I think she largely discerned this from my pulse, which she said was very, very weak.

I am now on a herbal regimen prescribed by her, but I was wondering if it would be okay to use a Spoonk acupressure mat? I assume it's much milder than actual acupuncture? Do these mats offer actual benefits (the reviews on Amazon are amazing)?

She did not say too much in TCM lingo but she did mention blood deficency, kidney deficiency, and spleen qi deficiency. Will acupressure mats be good for me?


I would simply trust your acupuncturist and follow a prescribed course of treatment. If you feel uncomfortable with your practitioner then see someone else, but trust someone so they can help you. Just give your treatments a little time (1-3 months as a minimum) and don&#39t try to "help" yourself too much. As your practitioner gets more familiar with you and your pattern overall they will very likely prescribe dietary changes, exercise and/or other techniques that are entirely appropriate for you.

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