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Acupressure points for tics



My 6 year old son has developed some motor tics (eye blinking, lip licking) and vocal tics (sound like he is clearing his nose, throat clearing and coughing) in last two months. I have read about acupunture and that it is very helpfull for tics but because of his age it is not an option. So i wonder if I could help him with acupressure and what points would be suitable for his tics?

Thank you for your answers.


Acupuncture at his age is completely an option, and, yes, it would be helpful. We, as do most acupuncturists, treat all ages including newborns, toddlers, etc. Now with younger children there is some adjustment for points and other techniques, but most do extremely well with the treatment once they acclimate to the process.

An acupuncturist who practices Japanese acupuncture and/or at least who has good experience with children would be best. There are some techniques within Japanese acupuncture that are specific to children.

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