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Acupressure pain


My husband is going to a chiropractor for hip and back pain. This Dr uses acupressure very heavily and the pain, as he is pressing, hurts so bad, it's almost brought him to tears. We're not talking, "Ow, this hurts." This is, "OMG, you're killing me" pain.

I'm Thinking this shouldn't be as painful as it is. At first my husband thought he was getting a little better but now he feels he is feeling worse. He's prob been going three weeks two- three times a week.


Acupressure pain may hurt at first and then should disperse with the same pressure applied. If it does not to that it is not being applied correctly.

Sorry to tell you that.

I suggest you find a gentle chiropractor perhaps network chiropractic technique would be best. Or bi-weekly RELAXING massages could soothe and support his system to rebalance.


Thank you for your comments. Is the reason there is pain initially because of a build up of lactic acid? A friend suggested this could be the cause, esp if he isn&#39t drinking water, and drinking sugar free soda.


No, acupressure should not hurt at all, but it is also quite limited. If you want proper treatment you should consult with a fully trained and licensed acupuncturist in your area. Not someone using a range of techniques that they may or may not be well trained to utilize - particularly if you are not getting results.


Whatever modalities your husband is chosing to address his pain, a recommended first step is to cut out the sugar free soda. It might take some effort at weaning, as it turns out the chemicals used as a sweetener are addictive. But apparently many people who have been diagnosed with things such as multiple sclerosis and parkinsons who drink large quantities of sugar free soda turn out to be reacting to aspartame. It would be worth seeing if avoiding this for 10 days or so led to symptom improvement. Aspartame is toxic for many. I don&#39t know how the FDA in good conscience could have approved it!

You might also want to consider having an eden energy medicine practitioner evaluate you. There may be some simple energy exercises that you can do on your own to supplement other treatments. For example, a point on the gall bladder meridian at the hip joint can get "frozen" when stressed - which means the energy doesn&#39t flow smoothly and gets locked. Unlocking the meridian can relieve the pain.


Thank you, everyone, for your help. That&#39s why I come to this site, everyone is so forthcoming with their knowledge to help.

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