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Acupressure massage for Amblyopia - Lazy eye


Submitted By: patxil

Hi there,

I wonder you may help me, I have a case of amblyopia (lazy eye) with very poor vision totally blurry in my left eye, my right eye is ok and so far could manage without glasses however as I'm approaching mid forties both eyes are losing sight rapidly, the left one gets very itchy and teary quickly when I read or work on the computer. I heard there are some very helpful accupresure point massage that can improve this condition. Could a practitioner please give me some instructions about it?

Thank you so much and keep up the good work



It is always best to consult a practitioner locally who can properly go through your medical history and look at other related signs and symptoms to come up with a more comprehensive approach. That said, on your own (or ideally have someone else do it) you can massage the points on the neck - SI 16, SI 17, LI 18, and around the 3rd cervical vertebrae (C3), GB 20 and then down to LI 4 all on the left side.

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