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Acupressure for Osteoporosis

I will be doing more massage on an older woman 84 years old with severe osteoporosis in her spine. I believe the circulation of QI and blood is important but I would like to know any red flag or other people’s experience or your opinion on what to avoid .
I would like to show her how to use tennis balls on her bed to use them as self acupressure points to relieve any pain and help her stretch her back
Any opinions?

It depends on the degree of severity but obviously you have to watch using too much pressure and actually causing a fracture. Again, depending on the degree the tennis ball idea may be far too much for her. At that age, with that condition, you do what to improve circulation so what you may do should be helpful, but you have to go a little slower with the process and avoid some of the heavier/deeper techniques completely.

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